Most Cars Can Wait Longer Than 3,000 Miles for an Oil Change

How often do you change your vehicle’s oil? 3,000 miles has been the golden rule in the past, but that was when engines were not as advanced. The quality of oil has also improved and is effective on your car or truck’s performance for longer periods of time. So, when exactly should you schedule a routine oil change? Depends on the make and model of the vehicle.

Cars and trucks manufactured in the last 20 years typically require oil changes every 7,500 miles. Our service center here at Land Rover Austin suggests reading the owner’s manual, or paying us a visit so that our trained auto experts can advise you. Many car owners think reading the owner’s manual is unimportant. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Owner’s manuals tell drivers about the best way to take care of the whole vehicle. In Austin we value our automobiles, and if you’re a responsible driver you should too. Schedule an oil change at our dealership soon!

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