Time to Start Preparing for that Long Holiday Road Trip

The best time to take care of any holiday travel issues with your vehicle are today, while you are still planning for your trip. While you are considering all the things you are going to need for your trip, think about adding some of the following to your list.​
  • Make sure you have a spare tire, a few cans of tire inflator, and be sure you have all the parts of the tire jack in the car.
  • A good set of jumper cables will make all the difference if you wind up stranded with a dead car battery.
  • Bring a toolbox with a hammer, screwdrivers, vise-grips, wrenches, and a socket set.
  • Keep an empty gas can in the car in case you run out of fuel and need a lift to the station.
At Land Rover Austin, our mechanics can also do a quick holiday road trip check-up on the car before it is time to leave.


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