Pay Close Attention to the Signs of an Exhaust Leak

An exhaust leak can become a safety hazard for you and your passengers. While it’s also an annoying and disruptive sound, especially when there is a large leak, even the smallest leak can be a problem. That’s why you want to recognize any exhaust system leak and address it before it becomes an even bigger problem.

Pay close attention to any hissing or popping sound while the engine is running. Those sounds are often the first sign of an exhaust leak. It’s important to understand that small leaks will only get larger. If a leak is addressed early, you may save yourself the hassle of needing to replace the entire system as well as not having to pay additional money for repairs.

Schedule an appointment with our Land Rover service department in Austin, TX at the first sign of an exhaust leak. Our technicians will gladly inspect your exhaust system to pinpoint the problem.


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