Know the Differences Between a Full-Size and Compact Spare Tire

The size of vehicle that you drive is going to determine what type of spare tire that you are equipped with. For example, a full-size truck will have a full-size spare tire with it, while a compact passenger car will normally have a compact temporary - or "doughnut" - spare tire.

If you have a full-size spare, then that means it is just a regular tire and you can drive as long as you want. A full-size spare is a regular tire, and as far as safety is concerned, there is no rush to get your other tire back on if your tread is like-new on the tire adjacent.

A compact spare, on the other hand, has both a limited range and limited approved speed of travel associated with it. If you have to use one of these, you can generally go about 50 miles on it. Truthfully, your next stop should really be the tire shop because they are not approved for extended use.

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