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Windshield Wiper Noise Could Indicate Wear

We have all had the unpleasant experience of turning on the windshield wipers and hearing a loud squeal as they move across the windshield. Sometimes it can go away almost immediately, and could just be a sign that your windshield was mostly dry, but if your wipers continue to make noise with each swipe, they in all likelihood need to be replaced.

The blades on windshield wipers are made of a semi-soft and flexible rubber. While this is great for clicking removing water from the windshield, it also means that wiper blades can become worn down or damaged relatively quickly…

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The Important Function of Brake Fluid

One of the most important components to your vehicle's braking system is brake fluid, also known as hydraulic fluid. It's a non-compressible substance contained within the brake lines that enables your wheels to stop when you press down on the brake pedal.

Because brake fluid can begin to decompose after exposure to moisture in the air, periodically draining this fluid from your braking system and replacing it with fresh brake fluid keeps your brakes in optimal working order. You can schedule a service appointment for a brake fluid flush at Land Rover Austin. 

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Don't Fall for the Motor Oil Myths

It's common knowledge that motor oil is vital to the life of your car. A vehicle just won't run without motor oil lubricating and cleaning the engine. Though drivers know the importance of oil, they almost always believe some common misconceptions about motor oil. Let's explore.

Many motorists think the "W" behind the two numbers of motor oil means weight, but in reality, it means weather. The numbers indicate the viscosity level of the oil. Unfortunately, some drivers also believe that it's unnecessary to have your oil filter changed when you have your oil changed, but…

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How Smart Drivers Avoid Hydroplaning

On rainy days, roadways become more dangerous due to something called hydroplaning, when water builds up under your tires faster than your vehicle's weight can disperse it. Our service technicians at Land Rover Austin want drivers to be aware of what steps they can take to avoid hydroplaning, which can cause you to lose both braking and steering control.

Driving 5 to 10 miles slower than the speed limit reduces your risk of hydroplaning, as does avoiding sudden acceleration in heavy rainfall or when water is pounding on roads. 

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Pay Close Attention to the Signs of an Exhaust Leak

An exhaust leak can become a safety hazard for you and your passengers. While it’s also an annoying and disruptive sound, especially when there is a large leak, even the smallest leak can be a problem. That’s why you want to recognize any exhaust system leak and address it before it becomes an even bigger problem.

Pay close attention to any hissing or popping sound while the engine is running. Those sounds are often the first sign of an exhaust leak. 

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Discover the Appropriate Way to Jump Start Another Car

Before you jump start another car, you'll need to gather a few things. Besides the jumper cables, you should have work gloves, a wire brush, and safety glasses. Once the two cars are close to one another, turn off the engine and the car lights, and open the car hoods.

If the battery shows signs of corrosion, clean it off now with your wire brush. The jumper cables have black and red clamps, the red is positive, and goes to your good battery first, then attaches to the bad battery. The black is negative, and it goes to your…

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Signs of Transmission Problems

When you're driving your vehicle in Austin, you don't want the experience of having your car's transmission going out. Transmission problems can be expensive to repair. Many problems can be avoided by changing the transmission fluid in your vehicle every 30 to 60,000 miles. There are some common symptoms that let you know when your car may need a transmission check.

If you notice that there is transmission fluid leaking out, you should get the transmission serviced right away. 

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Fluid-Care Keeps Your Land Rover Healthy and Strong!

With all the traveling you do day in and day out, your car can take a real beating. Stop and go traffic, quick acceleration onto the highway, and hard braking are just three of the things that can lead to your car under performing and ultimately shorten its life span here in Austin, TX. Having all the fluids in your vehicle serviced on a regular basis can help combat this wear and tear, keeping your beloved car, SUV or pickup truck healthy for as long as absolutely possible!

There are five fluids that we want our customers to keep in…

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Why You Should Have Your Fluids Checked Out On A Regular Basis

You may not realize or think about it, but your vehicle has a lot of fluids within it that are critical to its operation. Engine oil is the oil that lubricates the parts of your engine. It keeps the engine from overheating and also reduces friction on the engine parts. If your engine oil is dark and has debris within it, then it is a sign that it should be replaced. You should also add engine oil if you have a low level of oil.

Another type of fluid found within your car is called transmission fluid. This type of…
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The Meaning Behind Your Car's Dashboard Symbols

Other than careful driving and level of driver’s expertise, road safety is determined by a variety of factors. Your car’s condition is a primary factor that determines your safety on the road. Understanding your car needs may at times be slightly mystifying because, unlike humans who communicate, cars do not. However, car manufacturers have lessened the effort of understanding your vehicle by incorporating in a computerized system that communicates with the driver using graphic symbols in the case of any event. While green and red symbols display the functionality of...
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