Land Rover Oil Change Near Lake Travis, TX

Land Rover Oil Change

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Land Rover Oil Change near Lake Travis, TX

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Your engine needs routine oil changes to operate at its best. That’s because fresh motor oil is essential to maintaining the lubrication and temperature of vital engine components under varying driving conditions. And, as fresh oil moves through the engine, lubrication of the various components reduces friction and increases its performance. Dirty oil contaminated with sludge and debris can cause misfires, overheating, and even seize the engine of your Land Rover.

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Land Rover Oil Change FAQs

How do I know when my Land Rover needs its oil changed?

If you hear strange noises from your Land Rover engine, it may require an oil change due to inadequate lubrication. If ignored, this can lead to permanent engine damage. A burning smell or “check engine” light may also indicate the need for an oil change.

Should I have my oil filter replaced when I change my oil?

Yes. The previous oil leaves a collection of undesired contaminants in an old oil filter. At Land Rover, we know the importance of an oil filter change with every oil change, and our experienced technicians are sure to take care of it.

How often should my vehicle get an oil change?

Although it’s typically recommended every 7,500 miles, this can vary depending on individual factors like driving habits and oil quality. To keep your vehicle’s engine in good shape, it requires regular oil changes.

What does clean motor oil look like?

Motor oil color changes depending on the time it has been in the engine and any problems happening in your vehicle. As a general rule, new oil will be amber in color while old oil will be darker.

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