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Other than careful driving and level of driver’s expertise, road safety is determined by a variety of factors. Your car’s condition is a primary factor that determines your safety on the road. Understanding your car needs may at times be slightly mystifying because, unlike humans who communicate, cars do not. However, car manufacturers have lessened the effort of understanding your vehicle by incorporating in a computerized system that communicates with the driver using graphic symbols in the case of any event. While green and red symbols display the functionality of one of your car’s component, red symbols act as warning signs indicating the gravity of a problem. Most critical symbols include:

– Engine temperature warning indicating overheating of your vehicle’s engine

– Engine pressure indicator which shows either low pressure or a faulty pressure system

– Seat belt reminder alert to boost both the driver’s and passenger’s safety

– Airbag indicator alerts faultiness in either of the car’s airbag which is a shield to the occupants in case of an accident

– Brake warning against a faulty braking system

– Fuel indicator warns the driver if the car’s fuel is running low

Visit our Land Rover service center in Austin for a comprehensive manual of dashboard symbols and their interpretation with the help of an automobile professional.

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