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We have all had the unpleasant experience of turning on the windshield wipers and hearing a loud squeal as they move across the windshield. Sometimes it can go away almost immediately, and could just be a sign that your windshield was mostly dry, but if your wipers continue to make noise with each swipe, they in all likelihood need to be replaced.

The blades on windshield wipers are made of a semi-soft and flexible rubber. While this is great for clicking removing water from the windshield, it also means that wiper blades can become worn down or damaged relatively quickly. If too much of the rubber is gone, not only can it mean poor visibility in wet conditions, it can also mean that the windshield is being scraped by the metal wiper body. This can cause scratches and other damage to your windshield.

Do not let one cheap repair turn into two more expensive ones. If you hear your wipers making noise, bring them in to Land Rover Austin to be replaced right away.

Windshield Wiper Repair

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